Tips to reduce your energy consumption in your new flat

Summary: If you’ve just moved into a new flat and been unpleasantly surprised by high energy bills, don’t panic, there are several ways you can reduce your energy consumption! Check out these top energy-saving tips to lower your bills by wasting less energy, switching off appliances & finding a better deal.

Lower your energy bills today

Moving into a new flat is always exciting, but the first energy bill to come through the door can often be far more than you expected. In recent months, the price of energy has skyrocketed and many of us are trying to find new ways to cut down our energy consumption and be more efficient. Great for the planet and great for your finances, these energy-saving tips can make a real difference.

Monitor your energy usage

One of the best ways you can cut down energy bills is by checking where you use power and where you are spending too much. It’s also a good idea to keep track of your energy usage with a smart meter or app so you can see where you are spending the most. Using the microwave, air conditioning and running games consoles can all use far more energy than you realise, so try and see where you can make savings.

Stop wasting power

You can also reduce your energy consumption by making sure you turn off lights, appliances and devices when you’re not using them. If it’s your first time living away from home, you might be surprised at just how much leaving the hallway light on costs, so reduce any wasted energy by opening the curtains and letting natural light in. If you’re sharing a flat, make sure your housemates are also committed to cutting down energy usage, it’s important for everyone’s future to use less power.

Switching for efficiency

There are so many ways you can reduce energy usage at home by switching to more efficient technologies and appliances. For example, renters who switch to an LED bulbs use 75% less electricity. You can also find more efficient devices which are designed to reduce energy consumption or ask your landlord to upgrade for you.

Find a better deal

If you’re paying too much for your energy bills in your new flat, it could also be wise to switch suppliers and see if you can find a better deal. At Papernest, we can find the very best deal from a wide range of suppliers and help you find ways to keep your monthly bills down too. Just call the Switch Plan Team on 0330 054 0017 to start saving money on your energy bills today.