What are the most essential steps to take while setting up gas and electricity in a new build?

Whether you are planning the move into a brand-new property or have just moved into your new build, this blog outlines the essential steps you will need to take when setting up gas and electricity in a new build.

Do an energy audit

Your first step should be to do an energy audit of the building. This will help you determine how much electricity and gas you will need to supply and where the best place to put it is. You can get this done by an experienced contractor or a qualified electrician.

Hire a licensed electrician and plumber

This is one job where you’ll want to get it right the first time. A qualified professional can help with choosing appliances that are safe for your home, energy-efficient and meet government regulations for environmental impact.

Get a quote for installation

Ask your installer for a quote for installing both electricity and gas. You may also want to consider solar panels or other renewable sources of energy as part of an integrated system.

Explore your meter options

Your new build home may have some pre-installed meters already attached – but this isn’t always the case. If so, then these will usually be standard units which are compatible with both natural gas and electricity supplies – although there may be additional costs involved in getting them replaced (e.g., labour charges). Alternatively, you could consider having dual-fuel meters installed instead – these are more expensive than regular meters but provide savings.

Work out where and how energy will be supplied to your home

You can apply directly to your current or new energy supplier for the installation of prepayment meters at your new property before you move in. Your supplier will arrange for the meter to be installed and then you’ll need to ensure that the meter is topped up with credit to start using gas and electricity in your new home.

Connect to the national grid

The final step is for the utility companies to connect their equipment with yours. This process often takes place during business hours, so it’s best if you can arrange for your builder to do it on a day when they’re not working on your property.

When it comes to setting up gas and electricity in a new build, we’ve got your back.